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Here you will find a library of health and wellness information covering a wide variety of subjects, including Dr. Crumbaugh's blog, "Love Your Spine"!


Products offered to Live Well Patients

Edison's Men and Women's Multivitamin

The Edison System is specially designed to support the Body's organ systems and it's ability to heal itself
- Nutrient type and amount: Addresses both form and dose to optimize effectiveness and get actual results
- Non-GMO ingredients
- Allergen-Free: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Soy-Free

Edison Detox

- In the body, glutathione is important for actual cell detoxification
- Activated charcoal: Trap toxins, binds poison, and absorbs chemicals to help rid the body of undesirable substances
- Fiber: Once the activated charcoal has captured toxins from the cells, body systems, and environment, it is important to move them out of the body

Edison Titanium

- Titanium immune product that strongly supports immune function & allows your body's natural defense system to take action

Vitamin D3 + K12

- This delicious chocolate-flavored supplement is suitable for both adults and children
- One vital function is to promote the absorption of calcium and maintain adequate calcium levels in your blood
-  Vitamin D and K work together to help blood clotting and promote calcium in your bones and teeth

Standard Process Olprima

- Supports cardiovascular health
- Supports healthy inflammatory processes
- Supporsts general brain health and cognition
- General Mood support
- Gluten-Free

Standard Process Tuna Omega

- Supports cognition, emotional balance, and skin and hair health
- Contains DHA, which is important for proper fetal eye and brain development
- Excellent source of Antioxidant vitamin E
- Good source of Vitamin D

Love Your Spine!

Your Live Well journey begins here!

How to Love Your Spine?

Check out this article from the ACA about how you can increase your spinal health!

Health & Wellness Articles

Ask the Experts

Here you can find articles from leading experts on the subject of Chiropractic care & overall Health and Wellness.

Staying Fit as you Age
Exercise is often prescribed for patients of all ages to reduce complaints about pain in muscles and bones, but some feel it gets harder to exercise as they get older.

Water Exercises for Better Health

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay in shape or trying to recover from some type of injury, working out in the pool or another body of water can help.

Chiropractic &

Doctors of chiropractic are experts in addressing musculoskeletal conditions without the use of drugs or surgery.

What is Subluxation

What is a Subluxation and what does it do to me?

Kids & Chiropractic

Helping Parents and their children understand the importance of a healthy Spine! With our Kids and Chiropractic section we want to help kids learn how to love their spine and form good wellness practices that will take them through their entire life.

Letter to Parents - Straighten Up America from Dr. Elizabeth Crumbaugh

Straighten Up America!
Download your copy and start these exercises with your kids!

Is Chiropractic Care Really Safe for Kids? 
By: Michelle Barber, DC 
Article from the ACA News.


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